Track Your Progress!

BeforeandAfterbanner_v1Exercising and eating better is a BIG first step. Congratulations!

But how will you know if you’re truly improving without tracking your progress?

Obviously in a couple of weeks you and your friends might start noticing a difference, but what I encourage you to do is actually sit down and track your progress!

First, every two weeks, write down your weight. Do not check your weight every day, only check it every other week. Weight is just a number, you are still going to be you no matter if you weigh as much as an elephant or an ant.

Second, every two weeks, take two pictures. One with a view of your front, one with a view of your side. If you are a female, take the pictures in a sports bra and shorts. If you are a male, take the pictures in shorts. It’s important that even if you aren’t seeing the numbers change on the scale, you can see your body changing.

For example, look at one of my clients, Paige. She wasn’t seeing a HUGE change in her weight, but look how different her body looks just within a couple of months. She’s amazing!! I love this girl!


Third, every two weeks, test your strength and endurance. If you aren’t seeing a big change in your measurements, don’t worry!! Try walking/jogging a mile and see if your time changes every two weeks. It’s important that you see progress in your endurance. Also, see how many push-ups (even if they’re girly) and squats you can do in one minute to see if your strength has improved!

Finally, celebrate your progress!! Share your progress with friends and family and celebrate! It’s important that you remember how important it is to be successful in your new health and fitness journey, even if it’s not a HUGE change right away! Always be tracking your progress!

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