You are YOU!

Reflection-in-the-MirrorThe hardest part about fitness and healthy living is remembering that you are you.

When people start exercising, I feel like they forget that even if they lose 1,000 lbs and look their absolute best, they are still the same person, they just look a little bit different.

You can go on Instagram and find the most fit person ever, and think to yourself, “YES! That’s my goal, that’s what I want to look like!” but, even if you find a way to look like that person, you are still you.

What is underneath the skin is way more important than the surface.
If you are striving to look like a fitness model instead of striving to pursue a long, healthy life, you’re doing it wrong. You’ll never find complete satisfaction in your results.

The goal is not to look good, but to FEEL good. And you wont FEEL good if you keep comparing yourself to other people. You’ll FEEL good if you’re exercising regularly, eating well balanced meals, sleeping enough, etc.

I’m not saying losing weight is a bad goal, there is no such thing as a bad goal.
I’m saying, compare yourself to you.
Pride yourself in your own results.
Focus on YOUR journey.

Because you are YOU! And you’re a pretty freaking cool YOU!
Nobody else is YOU and that is pretty dang special!

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