Mommy Bootcamp

Brody Weight

After I had Brody, I just couldn’t wait until my six weeks recovery time was up so I could be cleared to go to the gym. But why? I was cleared after two weeks to do modified exercises at home, so what made me think I was unable to lose my baby weight until I was cleared to lift weights and run on a treadmill?

People have this excuse all the time.. “Well I can only make it to the gym two days a week, so I just don’t have time to exercise.”

Nobody said you have to have a gym membership in order for you to exercise!

Did you know, cleaning the house is one of the best exercises for you? And guess what? You can’t clean your house at the gym!

  • What about instead of wasting 5-30 minutes on your phone before you get out of bed, you do a small body weight workout?
  • What about doing crunches or push-ups during commercial breaks when you’re watching the Bachelor?
  • What about lunging up and down the halls as you move from one bedroom to the other tucking your kids into bed?
  • What about while talking on the phone, you walk around the house instead of sitting still?
  • What about instead of turning on the TV when your kiddos get home from school, you actually PLAY with them outside before they start their homework?

There are lots of different ways you can exercise at home! It doesn’t have to be Crossfit to be considered exercise!

Think outside the box.. or in this case.. think outside of the gym. Get creative!
Make up your own Mommy (or Daddy) Bootcamp!

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