Mommy Bootcamp

After I had Brody, I just couldn't wait until my six weeks recovery time was up so I could be cleared to go to the gym. But why? I was cleared after two weeks to do modified exercises at home, so what made me think I was unable to lose my baby weight until I … Continue reading Mommy Bootcamp

Pre-Workouts: to take or not to take

The most common question I receive is, "What is your opinion on taking a pre-workout?" My answer: "It's up to you!" First of all, if you are going to take a pre-workout supplement or drink prior to working out PLEASE make sure it is HEALTHY for your body. Look and see if that product has … Continue reading Pre-Workouts: to take or not to take

You are YOU!

The hardest part about fitness and healthy living is remembering that you are you. When people start exercising, I feel like they forget that even if they lose 1,000 lbs and look their absolute best, they are still the same person, they just look a little bit different. You can go on Instagram and find … Continue reading You are YOU!

Breaking Down Beautiful – When to Rest

LADIES, Please, I beg of you, DO NOT over do it in the gym. I know, I know, you are SO desperate for those toned, Michelle Obama arms, that Beyonce booty, those Carrie Underwood legs, and the Victoria Secret stomach, BUT it IS possible to over do it in the gym. If you are new … Continue reading Breaking Down Beautiful – When to Rest

Ditch the family pack, find your six pack.

I talk to A LOT of people about their fitness goals. Most people, especially women, want to work on their GUT and BUTT. Everyone wants a thin waist, or flat stomach, maybe even a six pack. But what people don't understand is abs come from your diet. I'm not trying to destroy your hopes and … Continue reading Ditch the family pack, find your six pack.

Track Your Progress!

Exercising and eating better is a BIG first step. Congratulations! But how will you know if you're truly improving without tracking your progress? Obviously in a couple of weeks you and your friends might start noticing a difference, but what I encourage you to do is actually sit down and track your progress! First, every … Continue reading Track Your Progress!

Set a Routine!

Don't get lost in the sauce! Sometimes thinking about what you're going to work on in the gym can get overwhelming and a little confusing. I'm here to help! Let's break it down. First, you NEED to know : after you've worked out a muscle, it takes 24 hours for that muscle to stop burning … Continue reading Set a Routine!

Set a Schedule!

Ever started a workout regimen and then all of a sudden life got in the way? Most of the time, when people join a gym, they are super excited about reaching their goals, but don't even know which days of the week they're going to be able to actually make it to the gym. The … Continue reading Set a Schedule!

Health Now, Life Later

I’m an Assistant Fitness Manager at a local gym here in Houston. My job is to meet the new members of the gym and put them through a Fitness Assessment. We talk about their goals, reasons why they joined the gym, what they’re trying to accomplish, etc. We talk about where they are, and where … Continue reading Health Now, Life Later